Site Built It! - How Site Build It Will Help Your Network Marketing Business Grow

Site Build It! is gradually establishing itself as the network marketers "secret weapon" in the revolution currently taking place called inter-network marketing.


In a nutshell, inter-network marketing is the marriage of network marketing and the internet. That's it and the result is that suddenly network marketers are discovering that attracting targeted leads into their business is not difficult at all. Better still, it's not just one or two leads coming into their funnel but dozens at a time however, unless you know how to use the internet in conjunction with network marketing then you will be fighting a losing battle.

Many network marketers coming online for the first time are going about their marketing all wrong. In other words, they are trying to use the old offline methods such as the three foot rule where everyone's a prospect and promoting their company and products first ahead the of the prospects needs.

This is a surefire way to constant rejection and failure. So how do you use the internet to build a network marketing business?

Well, the short answer was given above; you promote the prospects needs ahead of your own…you provide a solution and give value before you even think about hitting anyone with a sales pitch.

You need to sell yourself ahead of your company and products and you do this by providing valuable, take away information which people resonate with and will keep them coming back to your website.

Site Build It! Solves Two Problems For Network Marketers

The first problem Site Build It solves is the lack of a quality website. Without a website or some piece of online real estate you don't have a chance.

Site Build It will provide you all the necessary tools you need to build a website in a point and click fashion. No HTML, PHP or coding knowledge is required.

The reason you want your own website? Simple…many network marketing companies provide their distributors with a website but the problem is, they are all exactly the same. You have no chance of getting your site ranked in the search engines and in front of the targeted audience you want.

A company generated website is a waste of time and the only way people are going to find it is if you personally give them your url address.

By creating your own website, you immediately separate yourself from the pack. It's not the same as every other network marketing website out there.

The result? You suddenly have the edge over everyone else and your site will rank because it's unique and filled with unique content. Better still, you are able to more easily brand yourself and are not just another MLM number in the crowd.

The second problem Site Build It! solves is they teach you how to market correctly on the internet.

You learn how to implement attraction marketing techniques; how to put in place a powerful pre-sell process with your content and personally generated electronic newsletter and most importantly, how to win the trust of your prospects which is the key ingredient to building a solid network marketing foundation.

Who Is Site Build It For?

Network Marketers with little to medium knowledge of working online. If you are very experienced working online then you will know what it takes to attract targeted prospects into your network marketing business.

However, even with a lot of knowledge, learning the attraction marketing and pre-sell techniques taught by Ken Evoy and his team will only give you more ammunition in staying two steps ahead of the normal MLM crowd.

And for less than the price of two cups of coffee a week, Site Build It! will have you up and running and competing with the "big dogs" in the prospecting stakes in a very short time.

Remember, leads are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Being without leads is one thing; being without targeted leads when prospects actually end up chasing you is another. That's what the Site Build It! way is all about.

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